Mariah – AGA Lifetime Foster

Mariah has become a favorite Senior Gal within the AGA Family! As she has gotten older, though, she has developed a series of chronic benign skin cancers and small tumors that must be monitored and removed when necessary.
AGA has made the decision to make Mariah a permanent foster family member and assure that she gets the attention and medical care that she needs for the rest of her life. Although she is not in any life-threatening danger,
we just think she deserves extra TLC and a “permanent” place to land with us!
Pet name Mariah
color White and Brindle
sex female
weight 25.5 kg ~ 56 lbs
date of birth 10 AUG 2007
land of birth US USA
land of standing US USA
ear mark 87F-43721
breeder Kenneth Biehle Or Dan Iselt
racing owner Charter Kennel
adopted owner Permanent Foster with AGA