WordPress SEO

Why WordPress SEO vs just plain ol’ SEO?

WordPress being a structured CMS(Content Management System) has advantages with SEO vs non-structured HTML websites.

Google’s own Matt Cutts(he is head of Google’s Webspam team) has mentioned this in 2009 and a in a few of his other talks since them (Here’s a YouTube link: https://youtu.be/3P-m2cBCJSk):



Does that mean just because your move your website to WordPress, you will now rank on page 1 for your website? Absolutely not! There still much work to do!

Are the images on your website named and tagged properly?

Are your Title Tags set?

Are you changing your meta descriptions for better conversion on the Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs)?

Are you using the right keywords in your posts…the keywords your potential clients are search for?

We have the tools, skills and experience to help you get long-lasting SEO results vs. a short-term boost in your search rankings.

Google Webmaster Tools & Google Analytics

Is your website setup in Google Webmaster Tools (or maybe you’ve never heard of GWT)? We can help get your website registered in Google Webmaster Tools(GWT) and also setup with Google Analytics. Now we can see how Google sees your website and also look at where your traffic has been coming from. It is very important to have this baseline before starting any SEO or Web Optimization work.



Google (and other search engines) will give higher page ranking to websites that provide relevant content and provide it on a regular basis. A new website may rank well for a few months, but once it becomes dormant, it will start to loose its SEO “Mojo” and start to fall in search rankings.

We will work with to come up with a solid content marketing plan to make the SEO gods happy. Many of our clients write posts and then forward them over to us for “SEO editing”.