Digital Marketing for Roofers

Marketing for Roofers is an ongoing effort to produce consistent leads in and out of season. We work hard to understand the customer needs and present them the right information at the right time. Our efforts are more than lead generation, but a full working marketing system that fits your business.

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Services for Roofers Leads

Discover our top-notch services perfectly tailored for your small business, molding powerful solutions that give you a competitive edge.

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Marketing Strategy Planning and Execution

Identify Key Profit Channels
Competitive Research

Target Audience

Website Optimization

Traffic Analysis
Specific Landing Pages
Conversion Rate Optimizations

Content Marketing

Driving Qualified Traffic to Website

Paid Ads (Google, FB, IG)
SEO & Coordinated Content

Web Analytics

Email Newsletter Campaigns

Collecting Emails
Automated Drip Campaigns

We Constantly Monitor Your Digital Traffic


Merely driving traffic to your website isn't enough. It's essential to ensure that this traffic aligns with your marketing goals, bringing in the right visitors.

At Connected Systems, we don't just observe; we analyze every user interaction on your website. This meticulous approach lets us refine the user journey, turning more visits into valuable leads.

Agile Multi-Touch Marketing

What is Agile Multi-touch marketing?

Our approach to Agile Marketing takes inspiration from Agile Software Development and favors:

Quickly responding to change over strictly(& blindly) following a master plan
Quick iterations over complicated & slow campaigns
Testing and analytics over opinions and conventions
Quicker & smaller experiments over large risky changes

We combine this with Multi-touch marketing for very effective campaigns.

Multi-touch marketing is reaching your clients on different mediums and channels. You will most commonly see this in the form of retargeting ads. An example is when you look at a pair of shoes on Amazon and then later see an ad for those same shoes on Facebook.

A potential client may need to see your company 3 or 4 times before they call or fill out a lead form. Creating a online strategy that maximize all every opportunity to reach the customers repeatedly is what is important for long term success.

User Time of Day

Website Optimization

Why is Optimization so important?

Optimization is crucial to making sure website visitors become leads.

What is the point of generating all this new traffic to your website if the user will not fill out a lead form or pick up the phone? It happens more than you think. Many spas will use different agencies for different parts of their marketing such as using Agency A for Facebook Ads and Agency B for Google Ads. What happens is no one is overseeing these campaigns and/or creating landing pages for them. The landing page you create for your Facebook campaign might need to be different than the landing page you use for your internal email campaigns.

Not only will we create campaign specific landing pages, we will monitor and test the performance of those pages. A/B Testing such things as images, copy, and forms. That is the heart of agile marketing.

Client Success Story

Continual Growth

We created a plan of attack, and then stuck with it. We stuck with it for two years constantly refining and improving the site. The sales process experienced repeatable growth. 20 - 25% YOY growth 3 years in a row.

Capitalizing on the Seasonal Rush

How to take a holiday event, or perhaps a seasonal sale, and turn it from a quick boost into a sustainable client retention plan. That’s what we do. Ensuring the right publicity, good lead to sales ratios, and then incentivizing the continued repeat visit is what turns a good season into a great year.

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