Why You Should Never Delete The Default WordPress Theme

Never Delete The Default WordPress Theme If you are new to WordPress development, you will probably go through a phase of adding too many plugins and themes as you experiment with different solutions that work for you. This will hopefully be followed by a streamlining phase where you begin to focus on site performance. During… Pricing

Why You Should Own Your Website Content

I could have probably named this post: “WordPress vs Hosted Template Sites” too but either way, Read On! At least once a month we run into some who needed a quick (& cheap) website. Instead of building their site on something like WordPress, they went with a hosted solution. Most of you have probably seen…

How to Access Google Analytics when you have Multiple Google Apps Accounts

Update April 28, 2014: I see now that Google has added the “Switch Account” functionality to Google Analytics, so hopefully you won’t need this now! If you are anything like me you have multiple Google Apps accounts and need to access Google Analytics with an Apps account that may not be the primary one Chrome…

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